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We’ve been very busy for a last half of year with renovating our old apartment in Maribor. We put in a lot of energy to do a nice and comfortable stay for all sport and nature lovers, people who want a break under our home hill Pohorje or someone who comes here do business. It’s a 2 bedroom apartment, completely renewed in modern – antique style. Almost all of thins inside are hand made by my family, including beds, kitchen table, light in a hall and wardrobe. We also offer bike & ski store and a parking place. House is located 100m from ski lift and bike park.

So, if you’re looking for a stay, here we are. You can contact us on:

We also made a web page with all informations:

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Exams, practical work, dissertation and trainings

It took me a long time to write something again. But I can tell you for sure that I’m still here alive and healthy. While the triathlon season already started for most of you, mine isn’t just yet. I choose to give an end to my priority thing this year, that’s to end with 1st degree of college. I did most of the work during the winter so now it came down just to final 2 exams and a dissertation. Of course in meanwhile I didn’t end my sport way. I’m still maintaining a solid condition and trying to do as much training as I could, when I have a free time. I’m definitely not at the level to perform as good as last year, but first thing fist.

During last week I found some free days and went to our house in Croatia, where I finally tested my new swimsuit for this season. MAKO TORRENT, which I got from our Slovenian &Swiss distributor Swimhohlic is great thing, very buoyant and comfortable. I advise you to check their website also for other swimming equipment. During short stay in Novalja I also did some good running and cycling sessions on my ”home” island of Pag.


It was busy also in Ruše, my hometown. We got new sports park, with nice inline hockey field, skatepark, basket and football court and pump track. I attended at opening ceremony and gave a support to the project.


And last, but not least is our home/family project which made us busy for last 5 months. We gave a lots of energy and creativity to restoring and renovating an our old apartment in Maribor, which will be available for rent on Airbnb, Booking and our own webpage. It’s situated just under Maribor ski & bike park resort, 300m from finish line of FIS SKI WOMAN WORLD CUP RACE. I will post something about that when it will be finish, hopefully in next two weeks, so stay tuned 😉


Start into a new season

After something more than 1 month I am back to training for a new season. This years break has been a bit longer than planed, not due to any problems or lack of motivation, but becuse of work on my final year at univerity. Triathlon is not what I am living from (unfortunately), so education is still primary thing in my life. But now I’m full of energy and back on track for a good results in next season :)

Past season has been the most sucsesfull so far, so it won’t be easy to repeat it. For next season I have two primary goals: 1. ending the study at  faculty of mechanical engeneering in Maribor, 2. to be in top shape for the second half of the year 2017. So it’s gona be an interesting year, with compromise between study and training. Hope that the temperatures over the winter here in Maribor won’t be too low.

And now something for number and statistics lovers. Kilometers and some other interesting facts from previous season, just for the feeling what it takes for avarage talented person to be on relatively high performance level ;):

Swimming: 750km, longest training 6,4km

Running: 2900km, longest run 32km, fastest run on half ironman: 21km  @3:34min/km pace

Cycling: 13 000km, total ascent: 135 000m, longest trainng: 183km

Number of races: 6x half Ironman distance (70.3), 2x olimpic distance, 3x sprint distance, 1x super sprint relay, 1x half marathon run


Video from training camp in Makarska, Croatia:


Swimhohlic with MAKO my new supporter for season 2017!

I’m very happy to announce that I will be supported with Mako products in next season. Slovenian & Swiss distributer Swimhohlic will help me next season with super quality swimming products Mako. I will be wearing Mako neoprene, googles, caps and other swimmwear. Mako is French brand with supreme desing and quality, well worth it’s money!

Thank you for the suport.

Check out all their products on webshop!




Finished the season with 2nd place, Poreč triathlon

Another season is over. This one has been longer than previous ones and the most sucsesfull one so far.

I enden it up in Poreč, Croatia. The organizers did once again a great job, as the race has been perfectly organized in beutiful Zelena laguna, near Poreč city.

We started with open water 2km swim in the sea. As ussualy, I didn’t have a problems with this part. I came out of the water on first position, with more than 1min lead to second one. I knew that others will catch me on the bike, so I just tried to be in the lead as long as possible. Group catch me at km 50, and overtake me. I wasn’t strong enought to went with them, so I rode in my pace and left them go. In T2 I had 50 seconds gap to first two (Hungarian guy and Matic Modic). Legs were quite ok at beginning of the run, so I set the pace high and sad to myself lets try to maintain it as long as possible.

I did my best run split on half ironman so far, with avg pace of 3:34min/km. That resulted in second place overall, overtaking Matic on 10km of run, due to his stomach problems.

Very solid performance for last race and a drop of milage in last month. Now the season is over and it’s time for well deserved rest and to do plans for next year.

Thanks to all my supporters in past year!


Strava run file, bike file





Natureman, 6th place

Again 6th place. After european championship I did another solid training block for last two races of the season.

Past week I have been in Les Salles sur Verdon, France on Natureman triathlon. An half Ironman distance, with very demanding course on bike and run. Very scenic race, lot of people (1500 total on start list) and very good organisation. Total ascent on the bike was 1400 and another 200 on the run, all on trail terain.

I did good swim, exiting the water on third place and not suffering very much. Then I lost some positions and time on the bike. I’m not so strong on climbs yet, but I’m working on that :). When I came down to T2 it was just one more option to do, catching others on the run. At the beginning I felt quite fresh, so I started to push hard and staying on strong pace as long as possible. I did best run split on the race, and finished 6th in strong field of athletes. I am satisfied with result, and looking forwad to my last race in Poreč next weekend.

Highly recomend the race for next year.



Plans for the end of the season. Natureman and Poreč half distance triathlon

It’s less than one month till the end of the season. It’s been a long one this year and I feel a bit tired already.

But anyway, I still have very good motivation for last two races this season. First one will be 2nd of october in Verdon, France. It’s half distance with very demanding bike course, 1300m ascent on 92km. I’m training hard for good result at NATUREMAN and will be ready there!

After France I will take three days of, and then try to keep my shape high for last race, also half distance in Poreč, Croatia. After that it’s time for well deserved break and some time for study.

You can follow my trainings on Strava.

6th place at European championship in middle distance – Challenge Walchsee

Well, I don’t know what to say. That was far above my expectations. TOP10 at european championship, very pleased with the result!

Manage to swim in the first pack, along with the best athlets, entering transitin 1 on 5th place. Bike course was quite demanding, with ascent of 1000m, some step ascents and tehnical descents. I felt strong on the bike, but I had to left group in second lap, becuse they were a bit too fast for me. I did first and second bike loop in same time, proof that pacing was right. Avarage speed at the end was just above 38km/h. I entered T2 on 10th place, made a good and fast transition and quickly found my pace on the run. In first 3km I caught Italian guy, whith who I ran almost untill the end of the race, overtaking 4 athletes and made a great 6th place. Running time for half marathon was also not bad, 1:17:10, fourth run split overall (3:41min/km).

I’m really satisfied with the result, as I can see the progress on the bike and run. All trainings paid off, and the shape came on the right time. Now is time for few days of and then is job for me to find some good races until the end of the season.


Bike file    Run file 


Thanks to for the photo




Win at Faakersee triathlon

Finally race weekend again. It’s been a while since last race in Bundesliga, but now it’s again time to race. I did a very good traning block to prepare myself as good as possible for upcoming european championship in middle distance at the beggining of september in Walchsee, Austria.

Last chech of shape was this weekend in Faakersee, at non draft olimpic distance race. I did a good job, leading after swim, did a solid bike ended second in T2. Then I had to catch first one on the run. That took me 5km, then I was all alone, controling the pace and crossing finish line as first.

My shape is good, I still have a bit heavy legs, but 7 days of regeneration should be enougt to be in best shape possible at european championship.


Good result at Bundesliga final

My second season in Bundesliga is over with last race this weekend in Tubingen. Once again Germans did a great and spectacular race, this time in streets of Tubingen. Race was held in town’s center, with swimming in the river, cycling and running city’s downtown.

Swimming went hard from the beginning, like always. It was a bit chaotic, becuse of shallow water on one side of the river, which was resulting in some unfair advantage for some athletes which could run first 100m, except of swimming. Unfortunately I was on the opposite side, and swam properly from the beginning till the end. Anyway I managed to get out of the water somewhere in the middle of 80 athletes, with some bi names of triathlon (David Castro – 2nd at the end …)

With a very fast first bike lap we managed to cought the first group, where I stayed untill transition 2. Avarage speed on the bike was 43km/h.

Run went fast from the beginning. I ran in a big group first and half of second lap. Pace was a bit too fast for me, but I choose to go with them as long as possible. So I paid too fast start in second half of run. But anyway I managed to do my PB on 5km and did my best ever sprint distance.

I’m very pleased with the result and progres, and looking forward to next trainings and races.


Results: Herren

Bike segment file


Triathlon Bundesliga Finale Tuebingen, ©JoKleindl

Triathlon Bundesliga Finale Tuebingen, ©JoKleindl